2 July 2020


论坛白菜发布区 Writer Team

The 12th 论坛白菜发布区 ACTS Steering Committee E-Meeting was successfully held on 24 June 2020 and hosted by Universitas Indonesia and the ACTS Secretariat.

会议邀请了登记办公室的46名与会者, academic affairs, 以及来自9个白菜网论坛网站国家的17所论坛白菜发布区成员大学的国际关系办公室, 包括非盟秘书处和ACTS秘书处.

此外,2019/2020年ACTS在线申请论坛白菜发布区和更新以及课程数据库, the meeting also discussed academic policies and guidelines regarding the ACTS mobility programme for fall semester 2020. From the database, applications in the first half of 2020 were going downhill because of the pandemic and the protective measures of universities to suspend all inbound and outbound academic exchange in the said period. 尽量减少学生在海外学习期间的健康风险, some universities would not operate student exchange programmes for the coming semester while some still welcome prospective students to join them in the upcoming months with online mode of teaching and learning. It is still uncertain if it will be possible for universities to resume physical academic mobility in 2021 as the pandemic still remains and borders remain closed.