Demand for Physical Therapists is growing rapidly in the USA in 2013

Prognosis for the careers in Physical Therapy is quite appealing for those who are in the field or are currently planning to get involved. Physical Therapists are needed in various cases in order to strengthen the body after an injury, strengthen weaknesses or chronic illnesses or just bring overall health level to a higher degree.

There are two main categories of careers in Physical Therapy. First is the Physical Therapist and a Physical Therapist Assistant. 

Due to Bureau of Labour Statistics Physical Therapist makes between on average from $55,000 to $112,000 on an annual basis.  Physical Therapist Assistant makes anywhere from $34,735 to $66,460 which is based on their experience. Highest percentage of PTs work for small healthcare facilities. Many of these facilities are opened by the practitioners themselves. It is most common practice for a PT to work on part-time bases. Most positions require state licensing as qualification as well as a registered school for Physical Therapy training. PT is expected to be in good physical condition. Previous experience in most job openings is not a must; however, some require 2 years and more (Indeed.Com).

Demand for physical therapy is growing due to 2 major influencing factors. First factor is loosening laws in the US – insurance company’s policies in regards to Physical Therapists’ visits. In many States a referral to a PT is no longer mandatory. Second main factor is changing demographics of baby boomers. Post war boom of baby birth is now being reflected in an aging population being predominant. This will have an impact on a shift in economy. In order to minimize the losses in the workforce one can safely assume that the government of the US will continue to favor Physical Therapists’ practice in order to support the aging population in their activities and possible labour input. Physical Therapy will prolong strong and independent living for the elderly.  According to TopTenReviews, there will be 56,200 job openings in this field in the next 10 years.