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There’s a lot to know about the education that will get you a degree as a physical therapist. In this section we give you information on scholarships, admissions requirements, interview tips and more. You’ll need to be well prepared before you embark on your education toward getting your physical therapist degree. Start prepping now!

Physical Therapist Education: How Much Will it Cost?

Physical therapy is a rewarding career, both personally and professionally, but as future physical therapists undergo an extensive education, there’s a fair cost associated with their training. Below we show you how much that physical therapist education will cost. Students … Continue reading

Becoming a Physical Therapist: 5 Education Steps

Though becoming a physical therapist involves many steps, it can be broken down into five essential points, or steps you undertake in an educational context, which we’ve outlined for you below: Undergraduate Degree In order to begin your pursuit of … Continue reading

Pre-Physical Therapy Training

Your training and education as a physical therapist begin long before you ever get to Graduate Degree training. Without proper groundwork that leads to pre-physical therapy training programs all your later efforts will be moot. Given the highly competitive basis … Continue reading

Physical Therapist Education: Degrees and Requirements

The best way to approach your education as a physical therapist is to consider what your professional goals are. That, specifically, will define what degrees you will need to obtain and what requirements you will need to meet in order … Continue reading

Financial Aid for Physical Therapists: Where to Find a Scholarship?

Before you begin your studies in physical therapy, you need to spend some time thinking about financial aid for studying physical therapists, specifically where you can go to find a scholarship. Unlike student loans and other means of financial assistance … Continue reading

Continuing Physical Therapist Education

There are several reasons to continue your training and education once you’ve become a licensed professional. First and foremost among these is that the methods and nature of treatments change as the science changes. Second, is that as you have … Continue reading

Becoming a Physical Therapist: Degree Programs Overview

Becoming a physical therapist involves a fair number of years spent studying. The work itself is rewarding both in personal and professional terms, but in order to have the knowledge and technique necessary to practice as a physical therapist you’re … Continue reading

Applying for a Physical Therapy School: Interview Tips

Of all the many requirements you must overcome and/or accomplish before you can attend the physical therapy school of your choice, the application interview is one of the most challenging. Admissions interviews are common practice in American schools, so you’ll … Continue reading