How to Become a Physical Therapist

Do you dream of becoming a physical therapist? Unsure how to fulfill that dream? We can give you the advice you need to reach your goals and become a physical therapist. In this section we provide you with the information you need to fulfill your dreams, and launch yourself into this exciting, rewarding career.

Becoming a Physical Therapist: Career and Salary

There are multiple career paths to follow within the profession of a physical therapist. In this section we talk about what skills and abilities will best benefit you in the various career paths available to you as a physical therapist. We also cover the kinds of salary and other non-monetary rewards you can expect from the path you choose to follow.

Physical Therapy Schools

Picking the right school is an important step on the path to becoming a physical therapist. More importantly, you need to find the right school for you. In this section we give you admission tips, overviews, and a basic guide to the challenges and requirements you’ll need to meet and overcome to get into the school that’s right for you.

Physical Therapist Education Tips

There’s a lot to know about the education that will get you a degree as a physical therapist. In this section we give you information on scholarships, admissions requirements, interview tips and more. You’ll need to be well prepared before you embark on your education toward getting your physical therapist degree. Start prepping now!